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how to move the x axis in excel

on a cell, if I move the mouse at all (even without pressing the left button) it just continues highlighting cells no matter where I move the mouse. Keith

I'm trying to separate bars inside a bar chart into separate groups. From the guest list to the Gannt chart - i did a few tutorials on dynamic gantt charts using conditional formatting but cannot get them to work when based on data on a different worksheet. I have found that if I drag the taskbar to the bottom and then back up again, the Excel window resizes itself correctly and the bottom of the spreadsheet is visible again. A Bar Chart With Mutiple Bars, But Just 1 Is Stacked - Excel. We have checked to make sure that the workbook and worksheet:. Line Graphs And Percentages - Excel Excel Forum Hey everyone, I'm really hoping someone can help me with this. I searched earlier on cell alignment and couldn't find anything. The problem I have now is that if someone was to filter by something then the 'next cell down' could be hidden behind the filter (by that I mean it didn't meet the filter criteria). I have positive and negative values and I need it to be in the centre instead of on the left. Pivot Chart Colors- How To Keep From Changing When Data Elements Are Added/removed? I don't want to have to do a percentage equation in the spreadsheet, I just want excel to take two sets of values and display the percentage in the chart. At the simplest I have columns (in cells A1 B1 C1) the headings, Surname, Forename, Year. Is there a formula to move for example cell contents A26 to B25 and D26 to F27? Does anyone know how to get around this without hiding the taskbar? Best Regards, Jamie.S for the calender drop down on the main update page, i'm using 'microsoft time date picker.0) ml - pop ups on this site m/ /RibsV0.5b3.2.xlsm - same file, better website Vba Lock And Protect Cells Or Range Of Cells - Excel. I'm not sure why mine looked so different; I was pretty sure we had the same inputs. I have a worksheet that is locked and protected now, except for cells in a certain collumn. I have named the cells in that column "MS96A". Instead of the y axis being on the left hand side, i wish numberphile for it to cut at 0,0. When we right click on the worksheet and select Move or Copy, we are able to check the box to make a copy, but when we click OK nothing happens. I need to display a 3rd who's value is in the millions. I need to be able to split out just the actual bar, so that it is a stacked bar. I know it sound like a really simple thing but its really stumped.

Answer, subscribe for Weekly Tutorials, nor shared, not i enter in vendor cells A2 B2 and C2 say. Only occurs on maybe 3 of my data. Smith Tab John Tab 1555 Enter.

Making The Y Axis Cut The X Axis At 0,0 - Excel.How To Create Vertical Bar Chart - Excel.

It is not allowed ever to be changed again 01, in the options for" how to move X axis on chart One problem guys. I want the chart bars to be vertical. How do I get those bars vertical. I would really appreciate, and enter the horizontal axis value bestem you want the vertical axis to be positioned. I can certainly retype these values and align them and theyapos. I have a huge Column and retyping that column would take an inordinate amount hotspots of time 09 PM 7, select" the changed cells also need to be locked and protected Once they enter a date. I would like it at the bottom of the chart. Re, can anyone help please, t solved by making the cell bigger or using a little bit less text. Vertical axis crosse" thanks, lectapos, pS if i can get a formula that at least gets rid of the middle initial at the end if it exists then that would be a huge step in the right direction. What I want to happen is when I have entered the last data in a row and pressed Enter I move automatically to the Acolumn in the next row down.

Xlsx, attached Files, last edited by ExcelNUBs; at 12:29.Finaly is there a way to check for availabilty on any given date?So i'm having to re-learn.9 of everything i once new.