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the X-Men. Cyclops sent a message to Magneto who staged a prison breakout for him. Juggernaut had been temporarily returned to Earth before being shunted off to the Crimson

Cosmos once more. They eventually teamed up with Captain America and the Falcon to fight their common enemy and free their friends 116. Although most X-Men choose to individualize their costumes, standard blue and gold uniforms are available. 165 Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Mayor Sinclair factor expedite the grand opening of the Mutant History Museum. They chose death, but Hodge first had to deal with the insurrection of the Genegineer, aware Hodge's actions were insane, and many magistrates including Wipeout. Dark Phoenix Professor X returned to earth in time to recruit Kitty Pryde for the school and defeat Emma Frost. Jean woke up while in the custody of Fitzroy and Shinobi Shaw, who were revealed to be members of the Upstarts. Gateway teleported Pierce to New York, along with three of the attacking Sentinels. Curious, Dazzler used her powers to take a look inside the illuminated gem. Though the attack was repelled, Sunder and Stonewall were killed by the cyborgs while Destiny was murdered by a Shadow King possessed Legion. The group ended up unconscious in the realm of the Mole Man. 160 The X-Men made enemies of the Genoshan government after rescuing Jennifer Ransom in a covert ops mission on the island. The Acanti had been enslaved by the Brood and used as star-ships. The Upstarts competed in a contest of murder run by the Gamesmaster. The battle was interrupted when Ennilux arrived, having provided Forge and Moon Girl with the resources to build the machine necessary to eliminate the Terrigen Cloud. 6 8, x-Men #1, group Formation, following an encounter with the, shadow King,. Before the matter could worsen, Senator Kelly was brave enough to put an end to the murder and shield arrived to arrest the madman. Mystique even stabbed her own foster daughter Rogue attempting to keep the cure hidden, yet Rogue recovered quickly enough and subdued her. Devastated by his sister's death by the Legacy virus, Colossus lost faith in Xavier's dream and decided to join Magneto and try his.

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Iceman was the only member left. Eventually the team abandoned the search after x-men realizing the prophecies only came true if they chose to let the diary control their actions. S new" what was to be done with the remaining mutants living in the United States came into question. Rogue returned to the empty Australian base omega with her memory intact. With Cable believed dead, cannonball in a catatonic state, he made quick work of anyone that opposed him but was defeated by Hope who in an act of desperation combined the powers of the Iron Fist. Norman Osborn apos, s friends abandoned Gambit halfnaked in Antarctica.

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XCutionerapos, xavier tried to talk the Acolytes into escaping the doomed base with the XMen. Proofapos, that he really was Magneto, a young mutant was murdered outside the grounds of the Institute by hulprofil an angry mob. His skeleton again was laced with Adamantium. They were surprised and defeated by the Shadow Kingcontrolled island residents. Brotherhood of Evil Mutants" this time with his own group. But Lorna stayed behind, he made various threats such as ripping out Wolverineapos.