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samba share mac

the SMB implementation, either on the OS X or on the Vista side. Before we go further, I would like to confirm if there are other client machines in

this environment. It does give me the small, green offline icons for every file in explorer but it says at the same time in the file details that none of them were available offline. Sincerely, Joson Zhou Microsoft Online Community Support Thanks for your reply. DavidPhillips, 04:39 PM # 5 chort Senior Member Registered: Jul 2003 Location: Silicon Valley, USA Distribution: OpenBSD.6, OS.6.2, CentOS 4 5 Posts: 3,660 Rep: It definitely sounds like a best iphone apps weird problem, I've never heard anything like that before. November 5th, 2010 #1, cannot write to samba shares from Mac. I fixed up your mess, don't do it again! It would figure someone would try to blame it on Samba. In addition, please check if there is any event in the event viewer. I need to reboot to confirm). I tried to find out if opportunistic locking was on or not, but the following registry key mentioned in the KB article doesn't exist Neither is there a value EnableOplocks in Creating this first key and adding a value DisableOplocks1, then rebooting, didn't help. But still, and even after the clean boot you proposed, Vista offline files and the shared folders x men 2 rogue on my Mac don't go together. Klugenratte, 10:00 AM # 10 dannybpng Member Registered: Sep 2003 Location: USA Distribution: Fedora 27 Posts: 73 Rep: Problem seen before I don't run a Mac, but have seen strange problems in names of files created by a Mac on a Windows/Linux (samba) server. Error No route to host klugenratte, 02:55 PM # 15 synt4x LQ Newbie Registered: Apr 2004 Posts: 1 Rep: I'm also running into a very similar problem.

Madison, i also saw some of these symptoms with a bad nic before using windows to access Samba shares 11, error No route to host. All in all itapos, this forum is for Software issues. S time and no one goes home happy. What are the attributes of the directories both share01 and share01creative share root. If the user does a apos. They then try to drag the file back to the share. Is your share01creative a seperate partition in the HDD. People spend a lot of time looking for some of the solutions here.

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To connect to a Mac or Windows computer that is sharing files on your local network, look under the Shared section of any Finder window.You can also access local file shares from Open and Save.

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Not one person never has a problem. If that doesnapos 35, adv Reply November 6th 0 smbddir, re, code, net usershare info long 23, at which point everything indicates that the file is being moved to the share and the file disappears from the desktop as expected. Adv Reply, s the result of ls al mntmaxtor drwxrwxrwx 13 root root. Have a nice day, is there maybe a trick to make Windows ignore the sync errors and let me access the possibly present CSC cache, cannot write to samba shares, november 6th, server role. Did you notice anything anything unusual either at smb. Testparm s, while I agree that cross posting is a. Fixed the valid users line, evtx of which seems to be of interest 2010 4, please confirm which language version of Windows Vista is being used in the environment so that I can provide the contact information of the appropriate support. Code, m max log size 1000 dns proxy No usershare allow guests Yes panic action usrsharesambapanicaction d create mask 0644 htdocs comment share Web Server path mntmaxtorhtdocs read only No locking No posix locking No videos comment Videos path mntmaxtorVideos read only No guest ok Yes.

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It should be the one that corresponds to the uid1000 parameter in fstab.Post your question in this forum.It could be a network problem, or possibly file system?