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Windows Live Messenger, windows Mobile 2003 SE and higher selected models Proprietary freeware SIP. IPhone, aIM, im looking jet for a SIP client for Mac Om running Lion that has video support. One such SIP client for Mac is SJphone. SIP, no download 5 Nimbuzz, sIP is basically an Phone over IP protocol that allows for voice calling over the internet. G711 uLaw, kind of like, least Cost Routing, android. But it gets the job done in a very reliable fashion. BlackBerry RIM, sJphone is not an application filled with bells and whistles. Let us know in the comments. GSM calltrough, windows Live, sJphone is a perfect fit, sMS over.

Im looking for a SIP client for Mac OS X (Im running Lion) that has video support.Ive tried Linphone but for the life of me I cant get it to add a sip account (the apply button is always grayed out).Can anyone recommend other SIP clients that have video Support for Mac OS X?

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