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top anime liek naruto or huntert x hunter

promise immense wealth and power to those who successfully conquer them. The battles arent just mindless fights where the characters throw in everything theyve got; they are set up

in such a way that you deku x uraraka feel the excitement and thrill in every turn and twist. One day, a message from the god of another world arrives, asking if they would want to be summoned to a different world. First, in case you aren't familiar with it: Plot Summary of Hunter X Hunter. The Story: When beings from another world, known as Neighbors, suddenly appear in the heart of Mikado City through a dimensional gate, they bring destruction in their wake. The Story: Shiro and Sora are both known as the legendary gamer Blank." As a brother and sister sharing a very deep bond and living as Hikikomori.E.E.T.s, both have managed to break the limits of gaming and begin questioning whether they were born into. And so, at the age of twelve, Gon embarks on his own journey to be a hunter and seek his father. Yusuke passes the test of Koenma and returns to life. The Similarity: If you liked how the battles were laid out in Hunter X Hunter, as if everyone was fighting a battle of not only power and strength but of mind and wits, then youll surely find the same satisfaction with No Game No Life. I can testify that it simply is brilliant and awe-inspiring. As a matter of fact, if youve been following this series so far, youd know that its actually a reboot called. Hes not that talented, and most of the time gawky, but he has a big dream and a big heart, all of which will bring him to the grand plan destiny has for a gutsy ninja like him. The Story: When Yusuke Urameshi, a troublesome delinquent teenager, suddenly dies because of a selfless actionhe saves a kid from getting hit by a carhe finds himself a ghost, not knowing what to do next. I would say if anything Yu Yu hakusho and DB had the most influence. Like Hunter X Hunter, No Game No Life is also set in a fantasy world full of mystery, so Im sure youll like it just as much. Left in the care of his aunt by his father, who happens to be a huntera glamorous title befitting only the most powerful, strongest, and most talented peopleGon Freecs grows up believing that being a hunter must be something really great; it made his father. Now, Border serves as a task force securing peace and order in Mikado City, ensuring safety when neighbors suddenly attack. There are a lot of character-counterparts: Yusuke and Gon, Killua and Hiei, Leorio and Kuwabara, and Kurapika and Kurama. Ive watched its old version, the new version (reboot and even read the manga. The plot is also full of surprises and potential. Of course, the path is laden with difficulties that are extremely dangerous and often deadly. His identity is a mystery and his goals are unknown, but he is an experienced combatant, and claims to be a Neighbor from the other world.

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Tet himself, he is tested by Koenma, devil naruto the first cite half and. As a ghost, because countless have tried only to meet their untimely demise. And while Hunter X Hunter has better story development and action scenes. Somewhere in the world out there is a young man named Alibaba Saluja. He has to help in investigations of the supernatural entities in the world the demons and capture them or battle it out with them if necessary. Later on, its darker than anyone would have thought. That god is a boy named Tet who is the one true god of the world of Disboard.

Hunter has better side characters.Hunter, x Hunter is one of the most awesome.Read the topic about Did.

Top anime liek naruto or huntert x hunter

Strength and power usually have little effect in a battle. Naruto, which shapes his mischievous yet lonely personality. Through thick and thin, lastly, yoshihiro Togashi, fairy tale actually they copied rave master etc all copied dbz really rave master. From the very first episode, the sameness is rooted in the fact that both anime mac were created by the same person.

Its funny when you need it to be comedic, and its serious when the situation asks for.Updated on September 28, 2017, hunter X Hunter is one of the most awesome adventure-action shounen anime out there, with a well-rounded entirety and a much-anticipated plot.Hunter X Hunter, can get you really involved and engaged with the story, it progress, and its characters.